Sheldon Swiddly from Ept Tennesseesee writes dear Hugh……I was at an Italian restaurant the other day and ordered REFRIED BEANS. When I recieved my order i began to question my judgment…also I began to wonder if anyone knows what is actual in an order of refried beans…..and WHY they are fried twice?

From Hugh


Thanks so much for this opportunity to deal with a concern of many people…….The fact is..NOBODY knows for sure. Some have theorized that they are comprised of shredded automobile tires that have been processed and partially hydrogenated with soybean oil. Which would leave no transfats.

(per serving)


Others have submitted the possibility that they are simply reconstituted from dehydrated grits and ole cereal boxes…….They have to be refried because the first frying wasn’t enough.


You’re welcome………………………..


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