Quinvy Nilem from Ranitidine Wisconsin writes….dear Hugh: You briefly mentioned choclate in a recent post….Which got me to thinkin. What is the best way to curb overwhelming chocolate cravings….Are procedures and recccccommmmmendations in place that you can forward to me?


From Hugh


Yes Quinvy…there most certainly are……..


When severe cravings for chocolate hit you in the morning……..Eat chocolate before 11:59A.M.  If the cravings hit after the noon mark, simply consume chocolate as soon as the craving is realized.


IFFFFFFFFFFFF you see the craving coming on before noon…..go ahead an eat extra during your morning chocolate consumption.


These procedures have been evalhughated by NASA and the SPCA and various political parties……..they are all effective in curbing chocolate cravings…..almost 100%.

You are very welcome Quinvy. Glad to help.


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