Bill Dipperly from Dill Squirt Tennessee writes dear Hugh…Are there any LIVE possums or armadillos left on the face of the earth? .

Frist of all …Sorry Im late getting the post out this evening…..

I just got back from my first helicopter ride….!!!  I went to a doctor

this morning to get an xray of my neck where i FOOLISHLY fell off

the back of the stage at a show last week  …he came in and told me

i had a compression fracture of the C6 vertebrae…

and that I should hold my head still………

and the next thing I know,

Im on a med flight chopper to Hunstville hospital…..

BUT THEiR MORE EXTENSIVE TESTING showed that I do not have a

broken neck from the fall………YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for that!!!

          >>But I digress>>>>>>>>




marsupial oriented inquiry



Howdy Bill…… NO….not as far as we can tell.


Since the internal combustion engine increased the mobility of the earlier invention called the WHEEL,……our marsupial friends have  suffered a serious setback.


While it is conceivable that a few remain alive……It ain’t looking good for the little fellers……..Playing dead in front of a bear or coyote worked a lot better than playing dead in front  of a speeding truck………


I do feel for the little rascals…….They got along fine for hunerds and hunerds of years………….except for an occccasssional run-in with a rock rolling off a hill…or some such thang.


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