Answer From Hugh :
Thank you for this opportunity to illucidate an important topic Charles………….

While there is a similarity in the two spoken words “Jogging” and “Blogging” , there is nothing even CLOSE in comparison of the caloric consumption. In my particular case, Jogging involves running off to somewhere I didnt need to go…..and then hoping I can make it back….to where I started…..

Conversely, Blogging involves my discussion of an issue that no one needed to address and then hoping I can return to the real world before my wife catches me doin it (when I was supposed to be carrying out the garbage.)

Exercising is particularly perilous for me due to the fact that, when I lose wait, it always leaves from my BRAIN first. I dieted and lost 10 pounds after Christmas…leaving me with only 20 lbs of brain. I cant afford to lose any more…………….Hugh

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