Howdy Gadget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to hear from you for the first time today after all these years of having not even known that you existed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And therefore not having anticipated this  or felt any emotion about it at all…….I guess,  now that I think about it, I didn’t really miss hearing from you since i was unaware of your being alive…..and never would have known the difference……Im not even sure why I brought this up.

Are you nuts? You can’t do anything in 1492! Its been over  for hunerds of years. Why would you even attempt to do something in the 1400′s…..(nevermind the specific decade). Plus Columbus was

a real oddball in the first place. Why anybody would get in a tiny little ship……and go off into an uncharted ocean…..

(even if the Queen of Isabella paid you to do it) is beyond goofy…….


Why couldnt he just play cribbage and knit baby socks like everybody else did back then…………..?