Hey Elm….

Cut out the Whining…

I dont care if you do live at a


This misleading story has got to be with dealt.

(Couldnt end on a preposition.)….

None of the story is quite true Elmer.

In the first place the three little pigs, mentioned here as traveling to various destinations, had already been eaten by the big bad wolf as you well know.


What we have here is a blatant attempterization to profit from pig tales and rake in the cash while pigs were the “IN” thing. Dr.Suess was notorious for his willingness to “Gain Gold” using deceased pig rumors…..

The truth here is that the so- called “pigs” were actually a family of Koala Bears.

But Koala Bears are held in such disdain by children and adults alike that , only now,…is the truth being told….and ,as far as I no, I’m the one stuck with the job of getting the news out.