From Hugh

A fhugh weeks ago you informed

us on the issue of

annotated bibliographies,

…I finally had mine

surgically removed….

but have now developed a

“syllabus” ..


It is swollen and very painful…..

What treatment do you


From the desk of Hugh,

Yes Elmo, this is not uncommon

and not unlike or similar to things

like this that happen because of

other stuff and treatments that

become necessary when related

but non-identical manifestations

present themselves for observation……..

Aunt Bertha


The syllabus, while aggravating,

is knot a major problem.

But no won should allow them to go



Simply submerge the syllabusianized

region of the body in a mixture of two parts

prune juice and two parts Sauer Kraut.

Soak for two days. Scrape off

residhugh and repeat till all

swelling subsides.

Typically , fore two twelve rounds

of this regimin will change thangs.

Fonics 2