From Hugh


Well Ibbner…..The first thing you knead to do is get some of the Consonants out of your name……Too hard to pronounce….Now, with that said:


Forget what the “mind fixers” are telling you ole buddy……..THE LAST THING YOU NEED TO DO is be YOURSELF! Are you kidding me? I never heard of such a mess. Why knot be somebody else? I can give you several names of folks who are already being somebody else. This leaves whom they USED TO BE open for YOU.


May I suggest being Fred Lillerflum from Peoria? He was a very calm, nice, decent, thoughtful, normal shoe repairman in Peoria’s Footwear district for 31 years. He is now trying to be someone else that Sings in Branson at a Theater sponsored by a Muffin Manufacturer.

Whom you are…ain’t gonna work…..

…..Learn to trust the experts

hear as H.A.S.