Howdy Dulcee:

What’s shakin over there in

French Land….?

Your question is very very

intuitive and ,

it has a big word in it…

that will empress my billions

of  daily readers.


In fact I do have a photogenic memory.

Photogerialismic scans of my brain

always look really really nice……

When I have pictures taken of my

cranial contents,

(once the laughter dies down

among the technicians),…….

the pictures always turn out in a

stellar manner..


There is one picture of my

prefrontal lobomatan

cortexual ganglia…

that looked so good that

various magazines vied

for using it on the cover.


But the only one I would

license it to was a

Bowling Alley Maintainance

publication put out by a

group of mechanics in

upstate New York…….

Thanks for the opportunity

to address this important

aspect of things……..