From Hugh




Howdy Dan: Fortunately , for many years now,

I have studied the effects of insecticides and

radioactive isotopes on various ornithological species.

(With an emphasis on Partridges)…..

My wife and I like to sit and study this

topic together while listening to old

radio weather reports from the 1960′s…

From my expensive and far -reaching study,

I can assert with confidence, that the fowl

will suffer only a day or two of depression…..

but no lasting effects.




Partridges are relatively resilient, and should not be a source of concern. They are , however, highly allergic to the PEARS themselves. Which creates a comumdrum. Why do they hang out in pear trees in the first place?   I’ll tell you why. It’s because they are stubborn…..and since they’ve always done it…………..they just keep on and on and on.