Welllllllllll from Hughy



The best way to fix eggs

depends on whats wrong with the egg.


Repairing eggs is tricky…. at best.

And fraught with peril……

Yes……I said “FRAUGHT.”

I said it because I could….and because I learned

old English terms

back before they were OLD.


In order for me to know what to

tell you about the repair

Im gonna need to know what you

are shootin the eggs with.

(Yes I ended on a preposition. )

So I’ll word it another way…

Im gonna need to know what you are shootin

the with eggs.


Now …where was I….?????????


Send me a picture of the damage…

And of the slugs or shell casings from the

rounds you are firing into the eggs.

Depending on the situation, we may use fiberglass

or various other composite polyester based resins

and reinforcement materials….


And we may have to SCRAMBLE to

get stuff

in time to save this from turning into a

corny yoke.


I cant believe EVEN I…….just said that.