….From Hughy


Well Mr. Pillerly…..

I assume that you have quit

insisting on accuracy

or you would knot be back here.

Thats good.

Now get your act together.

And behave yourself …or youll

end up banished again.


Several things have happened here at

the H.A.S. corporate complex.


I’ve always wanted to have a complex.

And now Ive got won.Chicken 1 to Blog


Headquarters 1

Also…..Since you were hear,…..

Aunt Bertha was appproached my NASA

to head up the MARS Landing mission

scheduled for

2009…. But it was already over before

she knew about the project.

(Which worked out good,…

scents she was too busy here anyway.)

Aunt Bertha

And No….we were not affected in the

least by the gubmint shutdown…..

We simply refuse to let it get us down…

Or get us up.

Or distract us from our non essential

tasks here at H.A.S.


Youre welcome