From Hugh


Well Hugh, thanks for asking

You are obviously quite an insightful

literary observor to recognize the need to

question Williams famousitousness.


I am confident that I have addressed

this stellar issue before..

And yet, it has been a while…….

So I dont remember the answer

Let me go look it up……


Ok Im back…..


The reason he is so famaous is

because so many people know his name.

That is the definition of famous.

And you should realize that by now …

at your age.


You cant become famous without that

apsect of things being dealt with first…

THEN….once that is done,….

you have to actually accccomplish something



One of the things that Shakephere

had going for him was

he was the only feller on the radio

reading stories at that particular time.


Till then, nobody had ever heard

of bedtime stories….

And thats how he really hit it big……

Coming on a 9 pm…..

with no competition whatsoever.


And the rest is his story.