Howdy Twizzy ole pal……

That is indeed an interesting inquiry.

And one which ,(as is often the case,)

I happen to know the answer too.


Let their bee know dowt that Ole Chris had a

challenge on his hands, selling the idea of discovery

to the peeps whom had been living hear a long time.


BUT….if a feller can control the media sources

Such things can be done….

If you dont believe me, just stop eating your curds and whey

Long enough to look around.


Columbus was a sho nuff media spinmeister.

And the ancestor of a long line who would be

just as good at selling storys as he was.


The real question is what was Columbus

thinkin to get in a little boat and commence

to floating around out in the middle

of nowhere in the first place……?

He must have been bored stiff.