From Hughy


This is a question that continues to

rear it’s ugly head

hear at the Service.

As much as we would like to avoid it…

So mini peeps are interested in it,

that I must resolve it



The need to count unhatched creatures is a

ubiquitous desire of humankind.

And it’s everywhere.


The most dependably countable of all speciods is the

Duck Billed Platypus which is indigenous only to the areas where it lives naturally.


Which aint very many spots…

And therein lies the reason for why CHICKENS began to be counted…before they hatched.


The unavailability of the platypus rendered a situation so frustrating that many people turned to counting common yardbirds.


Side note….If you are still reading at this point,

It may be time to go do something mower pro

duck tive. Please dont tell your psychiatrists teams

about this post.