From Hughy


Howdy Ingrid.

Thanks so much for the lack of interest

in the various products of the H.A.S.

corporate almalgamation INC.



We recently published the 800th post….

Which was supposed to be 801..

But I missed a day.


Yes I have considered offering a box set.

But there was a cardboard shortage


However, the national Association of cardboard

growers has had a good year this time around due

to all the rain.


What size boxes would you want….?

We can offer a set of boxes of just

about any size…

up to and including a box big enough to

hold a minivan.


In fact the box catalogue even has a box

for shipping used Space Shuttles.

But Im chargin extra for one of them rascals..

If you need a set of boxes….Just call us hear at the H.A.S.

Compound in Frog Squat.

Ask for me or aunt Bertha…

Because Cousin Elroy don’t know

squat about this deal.