From Literary Hughy


Welllllllllll…..Actually for an accurate

number you would have to consult

the LIBARRIAN of Congress.


Her name is Ignatiatine Guliermo

and believe me,…..she is a

professional SHUSSHER.




Heads of State from Russia,

Two CEOs of Microsoft,

Twelve Senators

Four Disoriented fisherman from the Ivory Coast

and a group of Boy Scouts from Tibet.

(who ,erroneously, thought they were at Disneyland)


annnnnnnnnnnnnd an endless

array of normal folks whom just

make too much noise….


I did call and ask about this a year or so ago….

and her answer, at that tim,e as to how many

books were in the Liberry was…and I quote…



Why they call it the liberry of congress.….

I have no idea…

You can bet that Congress doesnt read those books.

Most of em dont even read the laws they pass.

Plus,  I bet they have exempted themselves

from overdue book penalties.