From Hughy




The first thing you need to do is apply

for a grant from the

Federal Government Arts Dept..

to pay for the project.

This is the very sort of thing that they

specialize in.

(Yes I ended on a preposition)


The second thing you need to do is apply

for another grant from the same department

and there is the very strong likelihood that

you’ll get a second grant of even mower. ….


Then sit back and watch nothing

worthwhile happen, because the

project made no cents whatsoever

in the first place….


However, in stark contrast the the

general apathy on this subject,

there is still a Sesame Seed Fan Club

run by Sylvia Schmedley in

Buzzard Gulch Kentucky.


Why knot send them a copy?

Or two.?

or even three……


Maybe they can get the word out for you

to all the teeming massess unwittilnly

yearning and thirsting for knowledge

on this crucial subject.