From Non electable Hughbert


Howdy Repre!!!!!



That is quite possibly the best question

we’ve had since Hugla Sherbert wrote in

wondering where she left her car keys..


Since it is such a common Practice to remain uninformed..

Apparently there is a good reason why mini of your

colleagues don’t read or have a clue about what’s in

those piles of paper you vote on up there in Warshington….


And as soon as I figger owt wwatt it is…..

I’ll let you know….

One thing is for sure…..

For individuals who rise to such

positions of power,

It certainly cannot possibly be

laziness or utter incompetence….

or failing to take the job seriously …..

or (((certainly it would not involve even in an

ancillary manner, the remote possibility

that they exempt themselves from some of the

absurd laws they pass.)))


That woood just be toooooo much

of a stretch….


My mind cant even begin to entertain

such possibilities.


Always remember……

As odd as it may seem for me to “draw a blank”

regarding an inquiry

When you start dealing with questions

regarding politics…

There are so few traces of common scents

left for me to work with…

that I may be unable to answer your queries.