From Upsetted Hughbert


No, I’m not going to put you on

probe Ation.


I’m going to have you arrsesested by the

PO  Leece.


You have violttated the trust of my readers…..

They dont expectorate to log on here and see this sort of


They do expect a low level of the humor factoid…

But not THIS LOW.


Why couldnt u at leest rise to the level

of telling a

“Why did the Poultry cross the road”



Drawbridge Jokes??????????

Are you kidding me?????


Get with it out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you want something really funny,

just listen to politicians try to explain why they

exempt themselves

from laws they pass for other folks.


That is one of the most humorous things you’ll find anywhere.

The swatter

Melting dog