….From Skeptical Hughbert


Let me think it over for a moment,………

Ok , that’s enough time…

The answer is KNOW……

Absolutely KNOT.


The chances of the US congress

balancing the budget is roughly

equivalent to that of  an alley cat

offering help to an injured MOUSE.

(or other small rodentiary type vermin)


The United statesCongressisnotw

idely known formanifesting forwa

rdthink ingin matters of things related

to issues of the sort of things that some

people think isstuff thatt he yneed to

be doin something about beforeit

catchesu pwith us and all kindso

fjunk ofa similarn ature.


Now, with that said……I called in slick…

I am not supposed to be doing this.

I think I will complain to someone….

regarding the preservation of my rights

regarding being over worked on a slick day.