From Hughy


Cut out the formality Wally….!!!

We’re just standing here talking…..

Anybody whom drops by the corporate headquarters

can just CHAT….

without all the …”dear hughy” stuff….


I’m a knot-headed ole goofball……..No Floormatily is necessary.



Who on earth would want a rat for a pet…..?

Why not get a PET ROCK?…Like they did back

in the seven tease…?


The best way to groom a Gerbil….

Is to carefully place it on the trunk lid

of a ’76 AMC GREMLIN Automobile…


And run it through the gentle cycle of the Local Carwarsh.

The little rascal may not get completely clean….

But when he comes outta there…he’s gonna

have a different attitude about things.


Many people find that, after this operation,

the gerbil will be marginally agitated.

So I am going to suggest that you avoid interacting

with it in any close proximity for several weeks.


You can talk to it from a distance…..But don’t get two clothes.