Howdy to Bertha


Well Aunt Bertha………

I’m glad you are feeling well enough to right…


I remember Granny Clampett

(on the Bevery Hillbillies TV show)

had her Hibiscus removed and there was quite

a recovery period.



STOP ASKING US TO Bring you your

favorite Raisin Bran and Sauer Kraut

Casserole every hour on the hour.


“A Rolling stone Gathers no moss………..”…

Is a phrase that dates back almost to the time

when it was first used.

(But not quite)


I believe it was first said by

Earline Sheepwatcher

(a goatherd from Tibet)..

She made the statement after watching a

rock roll off a hill….

and noticing that it didnt have any fungus on it



The real question is…

“Why on earth did she make

Such a big deal about it.?”…..