From OddJobby Hughbert


Howdy Edna……….. YES.

Yes Indeed I did do odd jobs to help

keep ends meeting………


Would you like to know what they were….?


Oh yes, You already said you wanted to know….I should have read it closer.


The first job that many folks considered ODD…..was…..

I was hired to train a cross-eyed baboon

to walk a tightwire for the Barnum and Baywlee Circus.


After I got that done….. They hired me to house-train

an elephant….Which was especially tricky due to the simple

fact that I couldn’t get the silly thing IN the HOUSE.

And riggin up an elephant version of a DOGGY DOOR, was an interesting chalenge as well.


But there was more to my odd job carreer than just animal training with the circus….I also spent two months teaching Eskimos relaxation breathing techniques (for specific use while teaching sixty foot whales to pull a 12 foot boat).


And I once spent a week and a half…….

teaching people how to act Non Chalant…..

In Chalant situations.