Archive for April 12th, 2011

Little Binky Snodgrass from Ulm Germany writes Dear Hugh: I here their are several wrinkle releasers on the market ….What do you recccommmend”

I’ll tell you what I suggest Little………..STOP WORRYING ABOUT WRINKLES. At your age, are you kidding me? Now my great aunt Lilian Sumpper might want to look into this….but not you ole buddy. You are only 3. The only wrinkles you’ll get will be from sitting in that new TODDLER JACUZZI for two long. that will be solved by evporationarianism.


Rhing Worme’ from the Chardonaye Hills of Germany writes dear Hugh: I understand that new laptops will be set to automatically reject commands from goofballs….(inherently sensing the danger to society at large)…Do you have some old units stored away for use in emergencies?

Well well, I thought the circus left town yesterday…..Why didnt all you clowns go with it?………..Very funny Rhing. But yes…I am aware of this disturbing trend in electronicincia. And am prepared and postpared for the eventhughalities.

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